Motorsport is something that has been near and dear to my heart since childhood. Just blame it all on my father, a passioned enthusiast for racing of all kinds but in particular endurance sports car racing. I've created several documentaries and was fortunate to work with Greaves Motorsport at Le Mans in 2013. In addition to the long form documentary I'm available to create brief updates for teams during race week. Shoot, edit and post same day while retaining the high quality associated with your team and sponsors . Here's a few examples.


A brief glimpse of Greaves Motorsport at the 12 Hours of Sebring, with special insight from driver Christian Zugel. 

First you find seconds, and then you find tenths of seconds. At Le Mans your lap is over eight miles long and it adds up quickly. At Greaves Motorsport the preparation only stops when the race starts.
Greaves Motorsports quietly prepares for Wednesday's practice session of the 2013 24 Hours of Le Mans.